Jim and Jenny Marshall



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  Dr. James L. Marshall received his Ph.D. in 1967 in organic chemistry from Ohio State University and joined the Department of Chemistry of the University of North Texas in 1967, where he became engaged in research programs in nuclear magnetic resonance, conformational analysis, and materials science. His many services have included chair of the department, chair of the ACS DFW section, and participant in the ACS Lecture Tour Series. Virginia R. Marshall received her M.Ed. with a specialty in computer science in 1985 from Texas Woman's University. She taught in the Denton I.S.D. for 23 years. She taught 5th grade, secondary computer classes and yearbook photography. The two married in 1998 and were active ever since as a team in their "Rediscovery of the Elements" project which by 2010 culminated in the "Rediscovery of the Elements" travel documentary and guide.  


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