Althofen, Austria


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Elements: Neodymium, Praseodymium, Lutecium (casseopeium)
Location: Althofen
Scientist: Welsbach

Althofen--the view is westward

Carinthian mountains surround the village

City of Treibach looking eastward

Signpost to the Welsbach Museum

14th century dwelling

Pfarrkirche from 14th century

hotel -- Prechtlhof , base of operations

elegant hotel at modest prices

Furnishing reflected lifestyle

Dining was rustic, but exquisit

Museum 300-meters from the hotel

Museum entrance

Welsbach's relief

praseodymium glass

Neodymium-tinted glass

thorium oxide

the "Auerlicht,"

filaments in light bulbs

expert glass blower

light bulb filaments was osmium.

bulb filament, osmium.

atomic weight of lutetium

spectrum of ytterbium

sample of "casseopeium."

"Casseopeium oxide."

19th century German chemists materials

textbook by Wöhler

information on Liebig

Justus Liebig in his laboratory ...

History of Science

Welsbach studied with Bunsen

an original Bunsen burner

Welsbach's important inventions

In later (more modern) designs

"lighter-fluid wick."


lighter depends upon the creation of sparks


sample of cassiopeium oxide

"aldebarium oxide."

prasedymium ammonium nitrate

neodymium ammonium nitrate



sample of actinium

Welsbach lamps

original light bulb

original village of Treibach

Treibacher Industrie of Althofen

accomplished glassworker

Welsbach's laboratory

Welsbach Monument in Vienna

Memorial in Vienna

monument at Treibacher Industrie

Treibacher Industrie

frontof Treibacher Industrie

Another view

view of the Treibach works

drive up to the Welsbach Castle

Welsbach Castle

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