Villach, Austria


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Elements: Arsenic
Location: Villach
Scientist: Paracelsus

Villach is in the Kärtan

west of Villach

near several historic lead mines

Hotel Lead-town-Manor

health spa resort

historic lead mine

Rudolph Shaft


"Glück auf"

This is Villach

view southward in Villach

Drau River from the bridge

model of the old town

Hohenheim house is on the right side

This is the house

a plaque

Wilhelm Bombast von Hohenheim

the coat of arms

left of the house

two medallions

the father

the son

Paracelsus gasse

City Museum

front of the museum

Museum of the City of Villach

Another city plaque

museum is spacious

Paracelsus' sword

Closeup of his sword

the father

Bust of Paracelsus

Rendition of Basel

Rendition of Salzburg

Rendition of Ferrara

Bust of Paracelsus

Statue in bronze

table of the Hohenheim family

old photograph

mineralogy room

map showing the mines

Bleiberg 1874.

Villach in 1649.

Another 1649 view of Villach

1844 view down the Hauptplatz

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