Leeds, England


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Place: Leeds England
Scientist: Priestley

Driving northbound

This is Fieldhead

woolmaking industry

Joseph Priestley

Fieldhead in the 1800s

original structure

present proud owner

dress of the equestrian

early original deed

the marketplace

erected in 1912

Joseph Priestley

The statue

aunt Sarah Keighley

"The Old Hall"

original stone

ornate plaster ceiling

The Old Hall

historic photographs

the late 1800s


West of the hall

a rail extension

Mill Hill Chapel

The Mill Hill Chapel

blue plaque on right

history of this church

form of Christianity

minister of the Unitarian Church

inside of the chapel

Priestley's chair

Portrait of Priestley

sketch of the city square

the city square today

"Edward the Black Prince"

James Watt

statue of Priestley

statue of Priestley

map dated 1770

key to map

Old Mill Hill Chapel

The "Old Brewery"

rustic scenery

map of Leeds

two areas of interest

Mill Hill Chapel area

The "Brew House"

Tetley's Brewery today

Yorkshire squares

the curious experimenter

Priestley advertized

the appearance today

home on Meadow Lane

Lower Bassinghall Street

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