London, England/london2E-305

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This is the original Oxford Street building.
This site is important to students of "Rediscovery" for two reasons. First, Crookes, who went on to discover thallium at his home laboratory in London {LINK: London4-004}, was a student here 1851-1854, working with A. W. Hofmann {LINK: London2F-510} (1818-1892; the founder of the college, originally from Germany). Hofmann furnished the original thallium ores from Germany {LINK: Goslar100} which Crookes used in his studies.
This site is also important because Lockyer had Edward Frankland assist him in spectral analysis of gases here which convinced Lockyer that a yellow line he had observed in the sun's atmosphere {LINK: London5-035} was due to a new element. He named his hypothetical element helium in 1870. His contention was verified 25 years later {LINK: London2D-80}