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Place: Hackney England
Scientist: Joseph Priestley; Henry Cavendish as a student

early nineteenth-century Hackney

the St. Augustine Tower

St. Augustine's Tower today

St. Augustine's Tower from Mare St.

Lower Clapton Road

the front of Priestley's home

owner of the restaurant (left)

the delicious cuisine


The plaque

posted by the local historic society

1750 layout of Hackney

Priestley's home on Lower Clapton Road

This is Hackney House

map dating from 1885

replaced by more modern buildings

another section of the same 1885 map

now a shoe factory

Morning Lane and Chatham Place

south on Chatham Place

looking east on Ram Place

E9 (postal code) of Hackney

Gravel Pit Chapel on the left.

now houses a shoe factory

alleyway between Ram Place and Morning Lane

plaque is finally discovered

asking entry into an office building

office buildings were erected

Priestley stayed in Hackney

Newcome's Academy

"London Orphan Asylum"

the 1885 map

location of the academy and home of Priestley

appearance of the site today

Clapton Girls' Technology

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