Manaccan, England


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Place: Manaccan
Element: Titanium
Scientist: Gregor

unusual geology

topology map

the Gillan Creek valley

from Helston to Manaccan

blind spots created by the hedges

Entering Gweek

Cornish village

from Gweek to Manaccan

directions of road signs

turn left

series of hills and valleys

following the signs

careful of oncoming traffic

one-half mile to go.

final turn

different spellings

passing over a hill.

Gillan Creek valley

The Manaccan Church

The south side

The fig tree

Inside the Manaccan Church.

Inside the Manaccan Church.

Inside the Manaccan Church.

Inside the Manaccan Church.

the Lord's Prayer in Cornish

The Cornish language

a plaque

"The Scientific Parson"

Tregonwell Mill

Closer view

"Leat" is a trench

the dedication of this plaque

Richard and Pam Johns

Royal Society of Medicine

The next building at Tregonwell Mill

The identification seal

artist's impression

remains of the waterwheel

This is the leat today

This is Bruce Carter

older buildings

north view of Tregonwell Mill

This is Gillan Creek

Dr. Simon Camm

specialist of Cornwall geology

experience in gold panning

heavier ilmenite from the lighter sand

"Black sand that follows the compass"

Further downstream

Ilmenite can be found here

scientific updates

extensive notes regarding the minerals

Dr. Camm's gift

source of the "black sand"

the Goonhilly Downs

site of the Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station


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