Manchester, England


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Place: Manchester
Element: Vanadium; general
Scientist: Rutherford, Moseley, Dalton, Roscoe

the Town Hall

the main entrance

John Dalton

sign about John Dalton

James Joule

sign about James Joule

scale to Dalton's statue

The Great Hall

twelve beautiful murals

A closer view

marsh gas

collecting the bubbles

Flemish Weavers

A "fly" shuttle


Manchester in 1740

Market Street

Manchester in 1801

prominent landmarks

Expanded view

the landmarks here

public garden remains

original buildings are gone

China town

original buildings are gone

original buildings are gone

This is a sketch (1805)

original house is gone

Devonshire House

John Dalton plaque

Literary and Philosophical Society

The Portico Library

The Portico Library plaque

Charlotte Street Entrance

Inside the Portico Library

Inside the Portico Library

Richard Cobden

present Cross Street Chapel

the view northward

Cross Street Chapel in 1835

site of Chetham's Library

Dalton used this library

also a School of Music

The John Ryland's Library

most of Dalton's papers

Manchester Metropolitan University

William Theed

plaque at the far right

plaque to the side of the statue

Quay Street and Byrom Street

pronounced "Key

later became Owens College

old drawing of the Owens building

chemical laboratories

story of Owens College:

famous photograph

autobiography of Roscoe

Helen Beatrix Potter

original sample of diethyl zinc

prepared by Roscoe

Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

first opened in 1969

archives of the museum

the Dalton cabinets

Dalton's scientific equipment

More of Dalton's scientific equipment

Joule's scientific apparatus

More of Joule's scientific apparatus

"Watching the Weather"

A closer look

Dalton's models of atoms

Negretti and Zambra thermometer

John Dalton

Dalton's wig

chemicals are in the archives.

synthesized by Roscoe

synthesized by Roscoe

vanadium preparations

old railway station

"The Booking Hall"

Buying tickets

University of Manchester

Through the passageway

spelled "Earnest"

Langworthy Professor of Physics

Rutherford assembled ...

Henry Moseley performed ...

"Aspiring toward excellence"

Rutherford Building

"discovered the nuclear atom"

correct geographical placement

To further add confusion

back of the Rutherford Building

archival photograph

first splitting of the atom

At this site ...

collected alpha particles

the Schuster (physics) laboratory

the chemistry building

the Roscoe Building

New buildings on Oxford Road

Through the archway

back of the courtyard

roll of honor

2nd Lieutenant Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley

Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley

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