Warrington, England



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Place: Warrington England
Scientist: Priestley

view of Bridge Street

Old Warrington Academy

Warrington Academy

Warrington Guardian newspaper

Oliver Cromwell

northward view

Warrington Bridge

the history of Warrington

list of first tutors

an 1826 map

the Warrington Academy

"Unitarian chapel"

entrance to Academy Place

The main building

the main building in 1762

more complete water color

house of Joseph Priestley

view of Cairo Chapel

church is Unitarian

the Friends House

"Academy Place"

original Academy Place

driver's entrance

the two entrances

A meeting room

Further south

Salvation Army repository

Priestley's accomplishments

more scientific equipment

mathematical/physics discovery

the northward view

southward view

another southward view

approximate location

Priestley College

in the suburbs of Warrington.

the main reception

the lobby of Priestley College.

almost 3000 students

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