Turku, Finland/850

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Here is a postcard showing Åbo in 1823, four years before the Great Fire. This overall view emphasizes how hilly Turku is. The view is westward from Kerttulinmäki (Kertulin Hill). The cathedral is clearly seen to the right, and the Observatory Hill (Vartiovuori) with its old observatory is the prominent feature to the left. The road is the old Hämeentie ("Hämeen Road") as it was called earlier, or Hämeenkatu (today's Hämeen street). In Gadolin's time "Hämeen härkätie" (härkä = bull) and was the mainroad to lead out of Turku. Disappointingly, the old Gadolin laboratory cannot be clearly discerned, although it must be on this side, and slightly to the left, of the cathedral.