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Elements: europium, lutetium, chlorine, cobalt
Location: Paris
Scientist: Demarçay, Urbain, Scheele, Berthollet, Palissy

on Berthier Blvd...

Demarçay's laboratory was located

The hotel is on the corner

south side of Berthier Blvd

Demarçay's granddaughter

Jill Daneels

helping to extract a key piece of information

letter from Pierre Curie

signature "P. Curie

accepted the apparatus and equipment

equipment of Demarçay was transported

Demarçay died at 80

home of Demarçay on Boulevard Malesherbes

Javel Metro station

Javel began its manufacturing days

French equivalent

"Water of Javel."

way to Parc André Citroën

site of the historic Javel factory

expansive park

entrance to Parc André Citroën

The "Histoire de Paris" post

first plant André Citroën

world-wide commercial asset

beautiful park

"Bridge of Sèvres"

Musée National de Ceramique. Sèvres


statue of Palissy

Bernard Palissy (about 1510-1589)

Palissy had a remarkable advanced view of nature

knowledge of fossils and minerals

left hand is a pan of sea life

At his feet, a kiln.

examples of his work

Palissy's sealife motif

Le Centre International d'Etudes Pedagogiques

Marie Curie was appointed as a teacher here

Jules Vernes works published here

Pierre-Jules Hetzel publisher

one can see the Eiffel Tower

Seine below

Place Jules Janssen

once castle grounds for the King of France

"The Field of Meudon."

former appearance

old castle

Meudon Observatory

solar observatory

layout of surrounding gardens

A blackbird

"Picnicking forbidden...

statue of Janssen

first to observe helium

Jannsen was a leader

base of the statue.

escaped in a balloon

portrayal of the escape

Looking eastward

modern appearance of Guntur

track of the 18 August 1868 eclipse

Arcueil is a village

Berthollet's tombstone

famous scientists

Berthollet's property

Caisse des Depots

view westward

Berthollet's plaque

Dominican College

westward view

old mansion of Berthollet

layout of the Berthollet property

RER = "Réseau express régional"

Laplace Station of the RER

RER rails

Centre Marius Sidobre

entrance to le Centre Marius Sidobre

Berthollet's bust

bust of Pierre-Simon Laplace

home of Laplace

Paul Héroult's father was a tanner

no trace or memory of the original site.

cartoon headlines

(London) Sunday Express

old map of the Maison-d'Alfort region

drawing of the old Chateau-d'Alfort

school at the turn of the century

present entrance to the École Vétérinaire Maisons-Alfort

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