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At the time of this Turgot presentation (1739), the Pont des Arts and the Pont du Carrousel were not yet built. For the Pont des Arts, during the period 1801-1804 a series of nine arches was built by Napoleon I for pedestrians, which was the first metal bridge in Paris. The present Pont des Arts was constructed 1981-1984, a broad walkway leading across to the Institut de France. The Pont du Carrousel was inaugurated in 1834, originally called the Pont du Louvre. In order for Lavoisier to attend Mazarin College (now Institut de France), he had to cross either at Pont Royal (further down stream, dating from 1649), or (closer to his home) at Pont Neuf (further upstream, dating from 1607). The Hotel de Longueville was the headquarters of the Tax-Farm's tobacco monopoly, which Lavoisier frequented owing to his position in the Farms-General (Ferme Générale)..