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The Académie des Sciences at the time of Lavoisier was in the southeast corner of the Louvre, on the first floor. This location is presently the Salles 33, 34, and 74 of the Sully Wing, featuring Greek, Etruscan, and Roman antiquities as well as 19th century French paintings. This location existed since 1678 when Louix XIV had vacated the Louvre for Versailles. The Académie had been in existence since 1666 in the King's library of the Louvre on the ground floor. The Académie moved to the first floor in 1699. The Académie area had meeting halls, a laboratory, a library, and natural history collections on exhibit. In 1806 the Académie moved to the present Institut de France across the Seine (see below). The Jardin d'Infante on the south side of the Louvre was the site of some of Lavoisier's experiments (see below).