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Elements: boron, iodine, fluorine
Location: Paris
Scientist: Gay-Lussac, Thénard, Moissan

turgot ecole poly

turgot ecole poly

turgot ecole poly

turgot ecole poly

college de navarre

gate to the École Polytechnique

left of the gate

right of the gate

"Histoire de Paris"

Founded in 1794

suburb of Palaiseau

old Rue des Amandiers

closer view of the gate

science and technology

military education

five nominal founders

Joseph Louis Lagrange

Marquis Pierre Simon de Laplace

Gaspard Monge

Count Claude-Louis Berthollet

Antoine-François de Fourcroy

grounds of the former École Polytechnique

Ministry of Research

Pavillion Joffre

old print

Rouelle first laboratory

modern view

place maubert from the west

Jardin du Luxebourg

Palais du Luxembourg

Across the street from Palais du Luxembourg

original meter stick

beside the meter stick

exist two in Paris today

A closer look

decimeter is divided into centimeters.

south of the Palais du Luxembourg

view eastward

chess players

View southward

Jardin du Luxembourg.

Typical scene

Walking southward

Faculté de Pharmacie

Faculté de Pharmacie moved here in 1882

statue of Vauquelin

move here in 1882


second best analytical chemist of his time

Antoine-August Parmentier

Faculté de Pharmacie entrance

Plaque from the old School of Pharmacy

building was given in 1577

Entrance to the École de Pharmacie

Portrait of Vauquelin.

glass-stained windows on the stairs

window illustrates Lavoisier

lower part of window


Jardin des Plantes

statue of Lavoisier

closeup of the statue

base of the statue

back of the École de Pharmacie

"Laboratory of Botany."

Museum of Henri Moissan

Professor Emeritus Jacques Rivet.

apparatus used to prepare elemental fluorine

left panel of the Nobel Award

right panel of the Nobel Award

electrolysis apparatus

Brass tubes could be used

Professor Rivet holds one of these tubes

book of fluorine's color.

information on chemical colors

electric arc furnace


original electric arc furnance

portrait of Moissan

statue of Moissan

statue of Pasteur

where Moissan did his chemistry

Jardin du Luxembourg Fontaine

view northward

viewing southward

The observatory

statue is of Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier

"Histoire de Paris"

oldest observatory in the world

we owe the discovery of Neptune

constructed in 1667 to 1672

discovered the speed of light

measured longitude

home of Pierre and Marie Curie

Rue de la Glacière

closer look at the site

plaque by the doorway

Pierre and Marie lived here when radium was discovered

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