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Elements: radium, polonium, actinium, aluminum, thallium, lutetium, francium
Location: Paris
Scientist: Curies, Debierne, Deville, Lamy, Urbain, Perey

paris view is southeast

paris turgot arbalete

old School of Pharmacy

main entrance of the School of Agronomy

main entrance

The National Institute of Agronomy

building complex of the Agronomy School

exit to the backcourt

back courtyard, now a parking lot

Eugène Risler

Jean-Baptiste Boussingault

ESPCI, the École Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles

plaque is found on the north wall

laboratory in which Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium


southeast side of the school

view southwest on Rue Vauquelin

entrance to ESPCI on Rue Vauquelin

The two plaques

...discovered radium

Superior School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry

The "Histoire de Paris" post:

ESPCI today does progressive research

previous site of the laboratory

Where "Shed" used to be

who received Nobel Prizes

Michel Lagues explains

The plaque

modest shed

exterior of the "Shed."

interior of the "Shed."

Site of the laboratory

the storeroom

Entering the building

several original instruments

Ionization chamber

ionization chamber

guide in the museum

Pierre Curie

Marie Curie

Portrait of Debierne

Original lab notes

École normale superieure

Rue d'Ulm is a fairly recent street

entrance of the school

"Histoire de Paris"

the first normal school...

new school was completed in 1847

part of the "French grand école

inscriptions above the door

above the door

Normal School

Napoleon created by decree

Superior Normal School

"Law of 24 April 1841."

This is the courtyard

historic laboratory of Deville

Another view of the courtyard

Another view of the courtyard

closer look at the busts

busts circle the entire courtyard





collatorabors of Pasteur

Pasteur spent his later years at École Normale Supérieure

Pasteur pavilion

Plaque on Pasteur pavilion

later laboratory of Louis Pasteur

lower plaque gives the dates

plaque holds his accomplishments.

École Normale Supérieure

building is on Rue Lhomond

"Histoire de Paris" post

entrance to the library

showcase of chemicals

Laboratory of chemistry

aluminum bust of Deville

First aluminum

Aluminum 1855.

Closeup of the aluminum sample

Aluminum sample

painting by Léon Lhermitte

closeup of the left side of the painting

original lithograph

a lithograph furnished by the ENS library

Pasteur's preparation

Preparations of artificial emeralds

Thallium preparations

One of Lamy's thallium preparations

relief of Georges Urbain

table of affinities

On this street is the Institut de Radium

street was commissioned in 1909.

Institut de Radium

in the middle of the Latin Quarter

Institut de Radium

Institut de Radium anchors the Curie campus

The Musée Curie is here.

Historic chemical samples.

historic laboratory

Closeup of laboratory equipment

used to make measurements of radioactivity

ionization chamber.jpg



large crystal of quartz

"Le hangar" ("The Shed")

This is the room inside

equipment used by the Curies

classic photo

previous photo is actually cropped

Pierre Curie was constantly designing

lab notes are still radioactive

Laboratory notes

Madame Curie's office-- her favorite chair

Madame Curie's original laboratory smock.

Classic portrait

Marie Curie drove an ambulance during WWI.

Behind the Curie Pavilion

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