Paris, France/parisF356

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These busts circle the entire courtyard. They include, starting from the doorway to the right (out of view), proceeding in a clockwise manner: Cousin, Aug-Thierry, Chateaubriand, la Martin, Rollin, J. J. Rouseau, Montesouieu, Voltaire, Massillon, la Bruyere, Malebranuhe, Feulon, Bossuet, LaFontaine, Boileau, Racine, Moliere, Corneille, Pascal, Descartes, Cuvier, Jussieus, Beudant, Thenard, St.-Hilaire, Gay-Lussac, Berthollet, Lavoisier, Pouillet, Biot, Laplace, Arago, Foucault, Ampere, Fresuil, Poisson, Cauchy, Lagrange, Buffon, Jouffroy .