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Elements: Many elements
Location: Paris
Scientist: Rouelle, Becquerel, Pierre and Marie Curie, Dumas, Berzelius

paris-turgot jardin du roi

Rouelle's laboratory

paris-jardin du roi

Entrance to the Jardin des Plantes

library and gift shop

two plaques on building

George Louis Leclerc
Count of Buffon lived and died here

Jean Baptiste Lamarck
lived and died here

view is looking north

Entrance to the Jardin des Plantes

Map of gardens

Map of gardens

Key to map

The "Histoire de Paris" post.

garden of medicinal plants

library a collection of vellums

eastward view of gardens

historic hot houses

historic hot houses

Buffon's statue

Lamarck's statue

historic labyrinth

Amphitheatre de Verniquet

amphitheatre in 2002

old sketch of the amphtheatre

Maison de Cuvier

Maison de Cuvier

"Maison de Cuvier"

Bust of Cuvier

Henri Becquerel

Becquerel discovered radioactivity




Rouelle amphitheatre

Rouelle amphitheatre

across Rue Cuvier

Pierre and Marie Curie - Center Cuvier.

University of Paris system.

view of the annex southwest


research in radium

lecture hall

Rue Cuvier

Pierre Curie's birthplace on the right

Pierre Curie's birthplace

Pierre Curie's birthplace on the left.

Pierre et Marie Curie Center

Viewing northeastward

Continuation of the Pierre et Marie Curie Université Paris 6.

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