Cognac, France


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Elements: Gallium, Samarium, Dysprosium (Dy is independent of, but later than, Marignac)
Location: Cognac
Scientist: Boisbaudran


walking to the center of Cognac

house of Boisbaudran

street sign of Rue de Lusignan

laboratory of Boisbaudran

spectroscope of Boisbaudran

back side of the Boisbaudran home

Signposts directing tourists

Martell distillery

inside the Martell distillery

facility is automated

birthplace of Francois 1er

'Chateau de Valois'

carriage fit for a king

Place Francois 1er

Closeup of the statue

locally famous historic half-timbered house

Maison de la Lieutenance

Rue Boisbaudran

Rue Boisbaudran

Boisbaudran portrait

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