Dijon, France


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Elements: Iodine
Location: Dijon
Scientist: Courtois

Dijon is in the heart of the Burgundy.

Grey Poupon

dispenser of Dijon Mustard

Academie de Dijon

North view

The Academie

birthplace of Courtois

Bernard Courtois

View northward

View southward

Another southward view

northward view of Courtois' house

dedication of the plaque

map of the Rue Monge

Hôtel Bénigne Le Compasseur

Wall turret.of Hugues Sambin

Plaque for Hotel Bénigne

"The Owl"

Place Francois Rude à Dijon

map of the La Raffinerie de Salpêtre

Rue de la Raffinerie

no trace of the saltpeter refinery

saltpeter production

saltpeter works

saltpeter processing

Fontaine des Suisses

urban Dijon

Rue Bernard Courtois

Bernard Courtois left Dijon

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