Lille, France


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Elements: Thallium
Location: Lille
Scientist: Lamy

Lamy discovered thallium


Lille's answer to Paris!

Carnot Collège

Pasteur monument

Tribute to Louis Pasteur

Carnot Collège

"Academic City"

The view is southwest

history of the buildings

layout of the various buildings

The layout

historic Convent of Recollets

Convent of Recollets

old Lycée Faidherbe

another view

view of Lycée Faidherbe

vestible of the interior

historic maps

Institut Pasteur

Bust of Pasteur

Lamy discovered his thallium

north on Rue George Clemenceau

Walking north

the manufactory

Chemical Products of Loos

makes a variety of chemicals

historic University of Lille


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