Montpellier, France



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Elements: Bromine
Location: Montpellier
Scientist: Balard

Balard discovered bromine

present École de Pharmacie

l'École de Pharmacie group

many details

entrance to the pharmacy museum

Madame Colette Charlot

large cornucopia of exhibits

Painting of Balard

photograph of Balard

model is taken of Balard's pharmacy

Balard's research on bromine

bottle of elemental bromine

Closeup of the left-hand side

black pot holds a retort

bromine was distilled

method for preparing ether

Balard family tree

"le brôme" meaning stench

Book by Balard

discovery of bromine

discovery of bromine

"Second procedure"


naming "bromine"

centennial of the bromine discovery

historic section of Montpellier

vestibule of the old École de Pharmacie


Louix XIV

Arc de Triompe

Entering the old city

old city has high walls

Rue de lÉcole de Pharmacy

quadrangle design

original university

The School of Pharmacy history

birthplace of Balard

Balard raised by godparents

area of the salt marshes

Brown algae floats in the tidal waters.

brown algae

north side of Sète

salt marshes

"salty lagoon"

compass star showing true directions

ancient saltworks south of the lookout

southwestward view

view of the volcano

Plaque identifying features

active saltworks

"La Baleine"

Aigues-Mortes has red algae

evaporated salt

cubic crystals of halite

Wildlife abounds

Ornithological Park

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