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"Deuxième précede" {"Second procedure") uses ether, which is shaken with the chlorine/salt mixture; the ether extract is then separated and concentrated.
"Propriétés physique indiquées par Balard" are the physical properties recorded by Balard: density 2.66, boiling point 47 C, freezing point -18 C. Actually bromine today is known to have a density of 3.12, a boiling point of 58.75 C and a freezing point of 7.3 C -- the bromine of Balard was far from pure.
"Le brome est-il un corps simple?" = "Is bromine a fundamental element?" Balard considered the possibility that bromine was a compound of iodine and chlorine but discounted this idea for several reasons -- the most important being that when reacted with mercury or lead it gave colorless salts (mercuric or lead iodides are yellow or orange).