Berlin, Germany


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Berliner (jelly doughnuts)

Museum for Natural History.

The museum

"Museum für Naturkunde"

entrance to the museum

associated with the Humboldt University

famous archaeopteryx

huge mineralogy hall

Walking down the aisle

The Klaproth exhibit

bust of Klaproth.

Historical dates

Elements by M. H. Klaproth

four minerals

zirconium mineral

uranium ore

Uraninite (pitchblende) UO2

handwritten label

Rutile (Red schorl) TiO2.


Graphic tellurium

secondary discoveries


label to the strontianite

Klaproth corroborated

label to the chromium mineral

discovery of beryllium



pharmacist and chemist

his famous work

Below his name

Dr. Ralf-Thomas Schmitt

original sample

original label

green torbernite crystals

original zircons

Closeup of sample

Klaproth's samples


special interest to mineralogists

investigation of all minerals

native platinum

Gustav Rose

Gustav's father

sample of columbite

red-brown columbite inclusions

Eilhard Mitscherlich

sample of vanadinite


Humboldt specimen

Märkisches Museum

at the corner

"Knight of Brandenburg"

Copy made in 1905

entrance to Märkisches Museum

Up the stairs

scale copy of old Berlin.

about 1750.

overall view

numbers for identification

down Spandauer Straße

Key to previous photo

view is now southwest

"Zum Bären"

Arrow marks pharmacy

Heilige Geist Kirche

zum Weißen Schwan

eastward view

not yet consolidated

map of Berlin

Upper right quadrant

Upper left quadrant

Lower right quadrant

Lower left quadrant

Key to map

painting in the Märkisches Museum

Close up of apothecary

Description of apothecary painting

Nicolaikirche (St. Nicolas Church)

painting of the Nicolaikirche

postcard painting

modern view

Nicolaikirche was bombed

street is Probststrasse

northeast along Probststraße

Continuing to walk

Teddy's, spilling out with its wares

larger models of Berliner Bären

end of Probststraße

The Klaproth plaque

closer view

Berlin memorial plaques

Looking back at the church

across the street

restaurant "Zum Nussbaum"

Front view

This painting, inside

looking back

walk down Spandauer Straße

Looking back at Nicolaikirche

street lights

We can now cross

old historic Berlin

the Rathaus (City Hall)

drawing of the Rathaus

walking northwest

Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church)

Behind the Marienkirche

Marienkirche from the Fernsehturm

Inside the Marienkirche

Statue of Martin Luther

Heilige Geist Kirche

Heilige Geist Kirche

from the Catholic archives

taken from across the street

Another view

Built about 1300

One of the original stones

history of the church

now houses the economics faculty

site of the Rose pharmacy

painting of the Heilige Geist Kirche

other side of the street today

previous pharmacy site

previous pharmacy site was a book shop

entrance to the bookstore.

White Swan pharmacy site

Looking back

was the northern limit

To exit the area

Berliner Bär


walk up Spandauer Straße

the Berlin Dom

view of the Berlin Dom

Laboratory of the Royal Apothecary of Berlin

rebuilding the Stadtschloß

The Humboldt-Universität

from the steps of the Opera House

old traffic lights

cross to the north side

The Opera House

drawing is of the original building

drawing is of the building

Wilhelm von Humboldt

Wilhelm von Humboldt

base of the statue

Alexander von Humboldt

Alexander von Humboldt

base of the statue

plinth of the statue

main entrance

"Humboldt University."

Max Planck

right wing of the University Building


base of the statue

parallels Unter den Linden

Looking westward

The Akademiehaus

looking eastward

Still looking eastward

map dated 1766

Letzte Straße

original Akademiehaus




site of Bebelplatz

burning books


At the end of Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden

In the subways

The city of Dorotheenstadt

"The Berlin Story"

the new location

inside "The Berlin Story"

"The Making of Berlin"

in the basement

Unter den Linden

Looking westward

looking westward

toward the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate

constructed 1788-1791

it marked the division

The Berlin Quadriga

This bird's eye view

bird's eye view identified

where Wöhler taught

Fürstenhaus, in Berlin

appearance of the site today

view down Kurstraße

bridge separated streets

Oldest bridge

The Gewerbeschule

From this picnic ground

View northward

southward view

later photograph southward view

Across from 12 Niederwallstraße

Wöhler's announcement

On Jägerstraße 22/23

birthplace for Alexander von Humbolt.

site of the Apotheke zum Engel

white roses before a statue of Zieten

west of the Brandenburg Gate

administration building to the Anstalt

entrance to the Anstalt

name was adopted in 1945

chemistry building

"black body radiation"

rhenium discovered here


Siemens Building

located on Helmholtzstraße

a physician and physicist

located at 10 Helmholtzstraße

Simens is no longer located here

Inside the huge complex

pure tantalum

Bolton was the developer

Siemens company in 1899

photograph was taken in 1906

Free University

damaged during World War II

discovery took place on the ground floor

splitting of the uranium atom

below the previous plaque

Hahn and Meitner

Lise Meitner

Lise Meitner Lecture Hall

Inside the Lise Meitner Lecture Hall

old photograph of the institute

where the original splitting of the uranium atom was discovered

Another view of the laboratory

used for biochemical research

layout of the laboratory

Farewell to Berlin


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