Freiberg, Germany


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Elements: Germanium, indium
Location: Freiberg
Scientists: Winkler, Reich, Richter

building and monument

Kuhschacht site


drawing of the old mine

management house

now used by dentists

the monument

gives the scale

inscribed on the monument

Humboldt's name

the inscription

"Glück auf!"

Southern end of Nonnengasse


50 meters away

close to the old Bergakademie

Street signs



view northeastward


"Eisen und Schlägel"

before the refurbishing

view looking back

old drawing

parts of the original wall

original wall

Technical University

Another plaque

Another plaque

A third plaque

A fourth plaque

North on Nonnengasse

white building

"Nonnengasse Entrance"

dating from 1831


closer look

dates from centuries ago

original laboratory

view back (south)

complete building


"Prüferstraße Entrance"


onto a courtyard


extensively remodeled

original Lampadius building

layout of the buildings

Lampadius Building

Metallurgical Laboratory

inside the Bergakademie

half-timbered houses

winding streets

old mine

Historic sleeping quarters


Schloß Freudenstein

old drawing

information plaque

"Smelter lane"

Winkler discovered germanium

recently been refurbished

The doorway

plaque above the doorway

Winkler house

Group tours arranged

previously a house for widows and orphans

the museum

Winkler's laboratory bench

old photograph

letter from Mendeleev

last page

Mendeleev and Winkler

old Periodic Table

"trial" version

Werner mineralogical museum


crossed hammers


Johann Friedrich August Breithaupt

"With God."

Plaque outside the museum

Other side of plaque

Geological Collections

Mohs Hardness Scale

Mineralogical Collections

germanium was discovered

discovered indium

discovered chromium

Native tellurium



blowpipe assaying

early official collection

Winkler Denkmal

in Albert Park



To give scale


home of Reich

"Orphange street."

Plaque on house

Backview of Reich's house

Himmelfahrt Fundgrube

entrance to the mine

Old photograph

Old miners

hats used in traditions

ride in the mining cars


unchanged for centuries

Mineralogical Show

historical specimens

Himmelfürst mine area

once bare areas

wildlife and scenery reserve area

previous mining industry

old buildings

old foundations



previous mine shaft

talus has not been removed

actual remaining mine entrances

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