Gottingen, Germany


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Elements: Cadmium
Location: Göttingen
Scientist: Stromeyer. Also, Wöhler, who made his discoveries (selenium) elsewhere

visit to Göttingen

Dr. Roesky's office


old drawing

Dr. Günther Beer

sample is of tantalum

tantalum label

tantalum oxide

closer look

Elemental selenium

closer look

Another sample

advertising aluminumware

Relief of Wöhler

Wöhler's former laboratory

The Auditorium

old photograph

Stromeyer's text


Tribute to Wöhler

University Auditorium

in the north part of Göttingen

University Auditorium location

steps of the University Auditorium

describing the history

Stromeyer did his laboratory work

same building, looking westward

old chemistry building

history of building

west of the old chemistry building

address of the statue

view northward

view southward

Wöhler's statue

Closer view

base of the statue

View of the statue


molecular structure of urea

tiled structure of urea

tiled structure of urea

tiled structure of urea

Wöhler's former residence

north of Wöhlerplatz

Plaque for Gauss

Weber and Gauss

terrestrial magnetism

Another view

Inscription on the base

magnetic coil

Bunsen was raised in Göttingen

Bunsen information

where Bunsen lived

Residence of Goethe

Plaque for Goethe

Site of Humboldt plaque

where Humboldt lived.

Plaque for Humboldt

half-timbered structures

Closer view

establishment dates from 1590!

fine example

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