Heidelberg, Germany



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Elements: Rubidium, Cesium
Location: Heidelberg
Scientist: Bunsen, Kirchhoff
Also, Alchemical Museum

view of Heidelberg

courtyard of the castle

The courtyard

German Apothecary Museum

Apothecary Museum

A still


alchemical pharmacy

Zinc preparations

Marggraf characterized alum

Sal ammoniac


alchemical implements

In the Altstadt


scale of Bunsen's statue

Bunsen's statue

plaque at the base

building with a gray plaque

closer view

an inscription

previous building

old chemical laboratory

chemical laboratory

century-old photograph

Bunsen's house

Plaque on Bunsen's house

R. W. Bunsen lived here

old Bunsen home

Northwest view

two chemists lived here

Classic Foreign Classics

Hörsaal Zentrum Chemie.

Inside the lecture hall

photograph in the Hörsaal.

photograph in the Hörsaal.

Bunsen and Meyer

Meyer bust

Bunsen bust

Rubidium and Cesium

Bunsen's death mask

Cesium sample

Cesium sample

classical golden color


Rubidium sample

Rubidium sample

original Bunsen burners

Bunsen burners

flames with various salts


from the time of Bunsen

spectroscopic method

Description of spectroscopic

spectra of elements

chromium acid battery

chromium acid battery

original literature

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