Karlsruhe, Germany


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Elements: Periodic Table (Chemical Congress), Protactinium
Location: Karlsruhe
Scientist: Fajans

The Ständehaus

view during the mid-1800s

another historical view

inside the meeting

Second Chamber

another view

Pfarrkirche Sankt Stephan

plaque outside

historical exhibit

State library

Inside the Ständehaus

Close-up of model

model from the west side

newspaper photograph

eastward from the Ständehaus

On the Pyramid

Ludwig, Grand Duke of Baden

Ludwig reigned

original University of Karlsruhe

modern view

Entrance to the university

east wing was added

Different view

"Under Grand Duke Leopold."

west wing of the Main Building

Main Building from the west

plaque in the main entrance

back side of the east wing

Heinrich Hertz

Next to the Hertz Memorial

Hertz Hörsaal

east side


"Kollegiengebäude am Ehrenhof"

courtyard inside

east side

Inside today

engineer Johann Gottfried Tulla

photograph of a chemical laboratory

This is a model

"Fritz Haber Way"

exhibits in the Chemistry Building

Periodic Table in a lecture hall

Notice the names

view looking northwest

Lothar Meyer lived here

to his second residence

second residence of Lothar Meyer

dissatisfied with his provided residences


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