Tilkerode - Mansfeld - East Harz, Germany


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Elements: Thallium
Location: Tilkerode
Scientist: Crookes

Hettstedt train station

Passing through Hettstedt

drive from Hettstedt to Tilkerode

Tilkerode area

sign includes a map

historic iron-ore preserve

field of poppies


Thistle and bees

Fields of rye

Fields of green peas

"Please don't throw trash."

This is the way.

iron ore

Approaching the forests

The path

mines have been filled in

depression in the ground

Each mine shaft


selenium-rich ores

an old mine

"Old Eskeborner gallery"

Mansfeld mining museum.

mining museum in Hettstedt

Mine cars

for Indiana Jones fans

historic mine dress

Drawing of historic mining village

uniformed miners


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