Palermo, Italy


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Elements: Technetium
Location: Palermo, Italy
Scientist: Segre

the island of Sicily

Norman Palace

Closer view

Another view

Cattedrale di Palmero

Inside the cathedral

old buildings

decimal metric system

Experimental Physics Building

looking southeast

The entrance

Above the doorway

On the ground floor

Prof. Arturo Russo

the ionization chamber

Segrè purchased

the science library

the original order

the purchase order

Segrè's signature

the Institute of Mineralogy

present mineralogy collections

elemental sulfur

the chemical institute


hotel where Emilio Segrè stayed

the old university

Stanislao Cannizzaro moved here in 1861

Cannizzaro was a leader

famous Norman church dating to 1143

the interior of the church

curious mosaics

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