Lovoya, Norway


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All locations: Løvøya area
Scientist: Hans Morten Thrane Esmark
Element: thorium, discovered from thorite discovered at Løvøya
Element: Lanthanum, codiscovered from mosandrite at Låven

view is from Sylterøya

one hundred years earlier

rotating clockwise to face west

further clockwise to face northwest

the Bymuseum

City Museum of Brevik.

Hans Morten Thrane Esmark

"Esmark Street"

Alf Olav Larsen

the Stathelle-Brevik Bridge

The church (Brevik kirke)

the island is Sandøya

Typical rustic scene

Reaching Løvøya

we do not know exactly

Docking by the Thorithullet

the preferred site

made up of Permian pegmatites

myriad of embedded minerals

large deposit of thorite used to exist

the tiny island of Låven

Låven means "the barn"

the glacial furrows

black aegirine in white feldspar

the view is southward

topographical map

Løvøya and Låven

view of the town of Langesund

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