Warsaw, Poland


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Elements: Radium, polonium
Location: Warsaw (birthplace of Marie Sklodowska)
Scientist: Madame Curie

In the Ostbahnhof in Berlin

"Old Town"

Warsaw Barbican

"New Town"

Skłodowska Museum

southward view of ulica Freta

Maria Skłodowska Curie born here

Museum of Maria Skłodowska Curie

closed Mondays

museum upstairs

The main room

electric apparatus

Her riding clothes

The first Nobel Prize

The second Nobel Prize

Household furniture

Household furniture

minerals named forCuries

minerals are radioactive.





exhibit on radioactivity

portraits and photographs

Ulica Freta in the 19th century

wedding photograph, 1895.

family tree

to all who visit

Our record

Statue of Copernicus

inscription (in Latin)

inscription (in Polish)

During German occupation

statue's location

before the invention of the telescope

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