St. Petersburg, Russia


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All locations: St. Petersburg
Scientists: Mendeleev
Significance: where he constructed his periodic table


Entering Russia on the train

Approaching St. Petersburg

The Finland terminal

Arriving at the Findlandsky

Exiting the Findlandsky

Waiting for our guide

Arrival of our driver

Vasily Island

Vasily Island Split

Walking westward

cabinet of rarities

"Russian Academy of Science"

next building

"Zoological Institute"

tour of school children

Across the street

Russian Academy of Science

the view southward

The Lomonosov statue

The inscription

"Twelve Colleges Building"

The Mendeleev Museum

Southward view

our bilingual guide

Dmitri Ivanovich

"St. Petersburg State University"

stairs to second floor

University crest

the Mendeleev Museum

Inside the "Cabinet."

Wall of portraits

Portrait of Mendeleev

Photograph of Tobolsk

"Panorama of Tobolsk"

Mendeleev's mother

Mendeleev's father

Gymnasium at Tobolsk

"Building Tobolsk Gymnasium."

during Mendeleev's tenure

second half of the 19th century

viewing the Signature table

chalk on the tablecloth

down the first hall

Mendeleev's portrait

Mendeleev's podium

Mendeleev's scribbles

early Periodic Table

Mendeleev's handwritten entries

More early notes

early Periodic Table

Wall of portraits


Lecoq de Boibaudran



Lothar Meyer


Mendeleev and Brauner



Mendeleev at 21 years


Mendeleev's hobbies

Mendeleev's main office

Mendeleev's spectacles

standardization of weights

scientific instruments

chemical samples

icebreaker ship

iron mine at Blagodat

sites Mendeleev visited

Vasily Island

original Mining School

Mendeleev Park

where park is situated

metric system

Mendeleev statue

Closeup of the statue

Another closeup

Another view

scroll at his feet


Main chamber


Behind the statue

The Periodic Table

Top half

Bottom half

To the left


to measure

Mendeleev's signature

Behind Mendeleev's statue

Closer to the plaque

Mendeleev lived 1897-1907

Next to the Mendeleev Park

Research and Production Company

Main State
Center for Measurement

Inside the institute

Across Moskovsky prospect

Mendeleev home



Technological Institute

"Technological Institute."

back to the Neva

the Yusupov Gardens

first public skating rink

Selling raw milk

old "mileage marker"

"to the tsar's village"

Lomonosov Square.


Nabokov's home

Vladimirovich Nabokov 1899-1977

Nabokov lived here

walking northward


the Hermitage

"State Hermitage."

Inside the Hermitage

incredibly beautiful

Views of the Hermitage

Views of the Hermitage

Views of the Hermitage

Views of the Hermitage

pillars are malachite

vase of malachite

vase of lapis lazuli

rhodonite vase


"Antonia Zarate"

"Danaë" by Rembrandt


"Catherine the Great"

"Empress Alexandra Fedorovna"

sidewalk hot dog stand

Northward view

Peter and Paul Fortress

closer view

northern entrances

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Peter and Paul Cathedral about 1900

Inside the cathedral

The granite columns

ceiling of the cathedral

The Cathedral

Tomb of Peter I

St. Catherine chapel

God bless the memory

Closeup of the plaques

across the courtyard

"Money Yard"

Plaque on the mint

An older plaque

"Numismatic Salon"

"Numismatic Salon.

Inside the salon

Mendeleev 1-ruble coin

Finlandsky train terminal

NikolayNiloaevich Zinin

S. V. Lebedev

Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin

tribute to Mendeleev

ethanol + water

general formula ratio


manufactured by ZOE Liviz

Liviz is located upstream

more Rediscovery sites

identified sites

the Neva River Split

sites listed

slightly east

more sites listed

south of the previous sites

more sites listed

east of the Peter and Paul Fortress

more sites listed

chart for intended traveler

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