Edinburgh, Scotland


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Place: Edinburgh
Elements: Nitrogen, Magnesium, Strontium
Scientists: Daniel Rutherford, Joseph Black, Thomas Charles Hope


Edinburgh Castle

Royal Museum of Scotland

In the museum

Joseph Black's utensils

Black's laboratory bottle

Thomas Charles Hope

museum on the right

the University area

Royal Museum

"bird's eye view" of Edinburgh

features of this map

map of 1742

College Wynd


overlay of key features

appearance of the Old College

November 16 1789

Completion of the main building

New College today

dome was built in 1887

entrance to the New College

architect Adam Smith

completed by 1831

cornerstone was never found

view inside the quadrangle

the inside courtyard

Playfair Library Hall

Inside the grand hall

Thomas Charles Hope

Joseph Black Building

Inside the Joseph Black Building

Two flasks in the museum case

Dr. Gavin Whittaker

preparation dates from 1792

flask is sealed with wax

first to characterize the element

the list of professors

Joseph Black's House

the Geology Building

"Father of Geology"

Daniel Rutherford Building.

Professorship of Botany

Waverley Railway Station

Royal Gardens

Botanic Gardens in Edgar's 1742

Haddington Place on Leith Walk

only a trace of the Leith Walk gardens

all that is left today

Leith Walk Gardens in Daniel Rutherford's time

Daniel Rutherford's House

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