Los, Sweden


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Location: Los, Sweden
Elements: nickel
Scientist: Cronstedt

Los is a small village

the country store

country store is named after nickel

Cronstedt monument

on the top of the hill

memorial to Cronstedt.

at the memorial

dedicated to Cronstedt

Cronstedt's profile

miners in the nearby mine

Swedish portion

English portion

Swedish portion

English portion

Closeup of plaque

Closeup of plaque

Closeup of plaque

Closeup of plaque

the way to the mine

"Road hump"

"Visiters Mine"

mine museum

mine museum.

entrance to the old mine

The old mine

"Loos cobalt mine."

Closeup of sign

the guide takes us down

Old timbers shore up the walls

nickel salts

calcite vein

"cobalt blue" for porcelain and glass

anhydrous salt of cobalt

Blue cobalt glass

A souvenir bottle

Farewell to Los!

Details of the sign

the minerals of the 1700s.

original copper and bismuth found

events leading up to the mining of cobalt

Continuation of previous text

Falun Mine workers arrived

Sophiendal glasworks

rise and fall of the mine

The last days

"Visitors Mine"

Description of the mine.

Description of the mine.

The memento tag



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