Stockholm, Sweden


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Location: All locations in Stockholm, Sweden
Elements: cobalt, nickel, thorium, silicon, zirconium, lithium, lanthanum, didymium, praseodymium, neodymium, erbium, terbium
Scientists: Berzelius, Scheele, Brandt, Cronstedt, Wöhler, Arfwedson, Mosander, Linnaeus

Central train station

City Hall

the dock area

southeast across the dock

Berzelius lab area

Berzelius lab area

Front view of Radshuset

Entering the courtyard

Inside the courtyard

Plaque inside the courtyard

plaque showing Eldkvarn

ravaged by fire in 1878

Eldqvarn was purchased

Across the street

the Serafimer Hospital

Closer to the Serafimer gate

Scheele worked here

the new hospital

old Serafimer Hospital


Scheele used the door

door Scheele passed through

plaque inside

Berzelius 1816

Karolinska Institute

Karolinska Institute

Bird's eye view

Key to previous view


view is southeast

view from Kungsholmen

painting with labels

Stockholm map of 1733

identifies key sites

expanded view

map with labels

approaching the Old Town

Emerging onto the bridge

This is Stallbron

Modern street sign

westward view

Inside the Sverige Riksdag

view of the Riksdag

View from the Lejonbacken

painting with markers

painting from the northeast

painting with markers

Present view of the Lejonbacken

View is west

Mint Square

painting by Sevenbom

painting with markers

view over streams

The Palace

much older view

view of Riddarholmen

Birger Jarls torn

view is northeastward

old Wrangelska Paletset

painting by Sevenbom

painting labels

drawing of about 1800

labels for drawing

This drawing of 1850s

labels for drawing

Wrangelska Palatset

Birger Jarls torn

Plaque in Birger Jarls torn


Apotek Förgyhllda Korpen

center of Stortorget

the oldest square

people gather here

The fountain

The pharmacy

The old Korpen apothecary

the Nobel Museum

Nobel Museum

Stortorget 20

door of Stortorget 20

terrace is open

narrow cobblestone streets

other end of the alley

Inside the restaurant

earlier photograph


previous photograph

the basement area

foundation is a patchwork

masonry dates back

only modern part

the new Pharmacy

Further down the hill

the southwest corner

the "golden raven"

southwest corner

sign hangs on the door

history of the apothecary

First half

Second half

Inside the apothecary

The raven

mortar dates from 1694

listing of all the owners

panel to the left

The first owners

The first entry

Antique from the pharmacy

rendition of the old building


Raven fountain

Raven fountain

Exhibit case

logo of the pharmacy

Swedish Academy of Sciences

Academy moved

site from the south

Berzelius lived and worked here

The building location

symbol is for iron

construction date of 1675

Swedish Young Conservatives

Old City

Stora Hoparegränd.

The red doorway

house number 85

another old household

dates to 1655

Scene from Gamla Stan

Scene from Gamla Stan

Scene from Gamla Stan

Scene from Gamla Stan

Scene from Gamla Stan

Scene from Gamla Stan

Passing by the Castle

looking back at the castle

Royal Opera House

luxury grand hotel

entrance to Berzelii Park

Street sign

Statue of Berzelius

in Berzelii Park

Statue of Berzelius

Statue of Berzelius

Laboratorium Chymicum

In 1684 new premises

German Baker's house

Hisinger's house

back of the German Baker's House

looking toward the southwest

1875 bird's-eye map

arrow points to the southwest corner

today's view

Another view southward

In the Humlegården

The Scheele statue

This statue of Scheele

Statue of Scheele

Statue of Scheele

Statue of Scheele

statue of Linnaeus

The statue of Linnaeus

second site of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

drawing from about 1840

today's view

now an office building

bird's-eye view map of 1875

left arrow points to the Academy

A wedding

Inside Adolf Fredriks Kyrka

end of Drottninggatan

bottom of the hill

A long climb is necessary

The observatory

presently holds exhibits

Present plans

Berzelius took his meals

In exchange for his meals

another southward view

Further south

Klara Kyrkan dates from 1280

bird's-eye view map of 1875

arrow locations

the Concert Hall

Nobel prize ceremony

Front of the Konserthuset

modern Scheele Pharmacy

The pharmacy

no historical significance

first open-air museum

Skansen is built on Djurgården

full of historic scenes

old distance marker

old historic streets of Skansen Park

This shop is a bakery

Looking up yet another word

Here is the Glasbruket

Posing in period costume

Early summer flower gardens

Sweden's specialty

Past the gardens

authentic apothecary

Scheele's apothecary in Köping

Scheele's pharmacy

Royal Apothecary

apothecary is open

In costume

In back of the pharmacy

hearth and distillation apparatus

The retort

the press to extract oils

herbs on the table

final preparation tables and storage bins.

Moving to the right

Continuing ...

Scheele's storage bins.

Continuing the panorama

Finishing the panorama

The preparation table

Each drawer is labeled

Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences

Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences

bust of Alfred Nobel

meeting room

the voting for the Nobel Prize

Dr. Karl Grandin is our guide

J. Gottlieb Gahn

Anders Celsius

the site of the Berzelius Museum

original electrochemical apparatus of Berzelius

voltaic cell of Berzelius

Berzelius' scales

Reagent jars


retort that Berzelius prepared

storage cabinets of Berzelius

Atomic models

Berzelius' atomic models

chemical preparations

tungsten and molybdenum.

gold, platinum, rhodium, and palladium.

cobalt, lead, bismuth, and cadmium.

copper and nickel.

hundreds of different samples

Berzelius' woodworking tools

chemical analysis using the blowpipe.

Silver and platinum crucibles.

a mineralogist

Berzelius' portrait

living room furniture

Berzelius' office

Berzelius' grammar book

birthplace in Väversunda.

statue in Berzelii Park

Berzelius' wheelchair

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