Stockholm, Sweden/stock092

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This is a view from Kungsholmen by Johan Sevenbom 1721-1784, a famous Swedish painter who portrayed many scenes about Stockholm in the mid-1700s. This view is from a location east of the viewer's location in the previous drawing. The title of this 1782 painting is "Utsikt från Kungsholmen över Riddarholmen och Skinnarviksbergen" ("View from Kungsholmen of Riddarholmen and Skinnarviksbergen." Gripenhielmska huset is to the far right, Skinnarviksbergen behind it (a prominent hill on Södermalm). The Serafimerlasarettet (hospital) is now active, but is still in the original Gripenhielmska structure. See next view for labels. Courtesy, Stockholms Stadsmuseum.