Riddarhyttan, Sweden


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Location: Riddarhyttan, Kälfallet, Old Skilå Works, Lienshytte, Skinnskatteberg, Kopparberg, Sweden
Elements: cerium, cobalt,
Scientist: Berzelius, Hisinger, Brandt,

a long and interesting history

Bastnäs Mine

information sign

information sign--left

information sign--right

North is right

Left part of the map

Right part of the map

the mine when active

talus pile

great deal of iron ore

mixed silicate

Chunks of hematite

samples of magnetite

Bent Högrelius & son, Anders

mineral is cerite

special present

crystal of bastnäsite

an old mining shed

wild strawberries. . .

. . and other flowers . .

and other animals

Old mining entrances

Richly colored minerals

Many deep pits

entrance to the mine

rich mineral sides

Inside the darkness

detects activity

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

history of the mine area

Kälfallet, Sweden

named after the ancient copper mines

old Brandt mining area

mining claim

Brandt Manor area

map prepared by Roy

manor before it was destroyed

another view

moment it was dynamited

going. . . .

going. . . .


policy of staking claims

remains of some of the old buildings

Another of the old buildings

fence for potential drowning hazard

toward the mining area

Descending into the pits

remnants of Kanthalsgruvan


Pellugruvan caved in


rich veins

only mine that can be visited

keeping the mine open

Entering the mine

hardhats are a priority

Minerals of all colors

Needles grow

splashes of minerals

very old map

updated map

Old Skilå Works

Ulla Fredriksson and Mats Hulander

roasting process

old Swedish book

key ingredient is water

smelter needed

site of a former furnace

works moved in 1802

a former two-tier furnace

roasting occurred

"Charcoal beds"

Slag from the furnaces

how stone was used

“From all the old-timers.”

The smelters

seasonal activities

Life adapts everywhere

New Skilå Works

New Skilå works

wooden pipe

Slag heaps

The Skilå works

At the old site

barren areas and vitriol stains

roasting oven

greater supply of water

foundation of a furnace


Charcoal used

An accurate map

An old "hyttan."

Lots of bare areas

Paintings of the smelting process

Drawings of the blast furnaces

Painting of the roasting process

Stone dating from 1819.

preparing copper

assaying and storage shed

weighed on these scales.

block of copper wafers

haulers for the copper

One of the ingots

ingots were produced


climb to the top

one of the furnaces

One of the air vents

restoration work

huge slag pile

slag from an iron smelter


manor of Wilhelm Hisinger

Forestry Management School

building is registered

university of agriculture

inside the Hisinger home

the Hisinger house

the Hisinger house

the Hisinger house

the Hisinger house

Skinnskatteberg iron stamp

the Hisinger house

the Hisinger house

cobalt blue on vase

the Hisinger house

used 200 years ago

the Hisinger house

the Hisinger house

from the front porch

Bengt Högrelius


historical mineralogical book

written in 1806.

book by Cronstedt

no name as the author

Ingemar Johansson


Ingemar Johansson


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