Oak Ridge, Tennessee


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Place: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Element: Promethium
Scientist: Marinsky, Glendenin, and Coryell

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

This museum opened in 1949

American Museum of Science and Energy

"Oak Ridge: World War II Secret City."

Oak Ridge was created out of rural hillsides

The Manhattan Project

decision to drop the atomic bomb

biggest fear during World War II

the whirlwind history of Oak Ridge

The Graphite Reactor (X-10)

Y-12 was the huge "racetrack"

keeping the deflector beams on target

One of the original panels

Secrecy was stressed

model of the Graphite Reactor (X-10)

where promethium was produced

author is pointing out the Graphite Reactor

the chemical separations

purpose of the Graphite Reactor

through the countryside

Driving along Bethel Valley Road

Clinton area, dated 1947.

key locations are the Graphite Reactor

aerial view of the Clinton Engineering Works

Chemical separations building

Graphite Reactor from the parking lot

Approaching the Graphite Reactor

Entering the building

The historic Graphite Reactor

(Graphite Reactor)

sign beside the door

the "loading face"

Closeup of the loading face

amount of uranium

Uranium slugs

The "moderator"

The shielding against radioactivity

The plaques

50th anniversary plaque

Nuclear Historic Landmark

The code name for the Graphite Reactor

National Park Service National Historic Landmark

Welcome to the Graphite Reactor

the Reactor Control Room.

View from the Reactor Control Room

the Reactor Control Room

In the Control Room

The official log

Beyond the Reactor Control Room

Where America's Radioisotope production began

the 4-inch carriers

samples were pulled into these lead shields

heavily shielded carts

a heavy lead shield called a 'pig

No leaving without a radiation check

Outside a hot cell

During the formal visit

Dr. Ellison Taylor

This is the document

original site of the Chemistry Laboratory

currently used for analysis

eastward on Central Avenue

southwestward on Central Avenue

scheduled for demolition

view northeastward

mandate that visitors are escorted

Returning to the museum

Approaching the Y-12 plant

The Y-12 plant is still involved

Entrance to the Y-12 area

An aerial view of Y-12

Oak Ridge using the west route

gaseous diffusion process

Returning to the museum

author with Dr. Stephen Stow

rich with exhibits

"uranium rush"

with the uranium craze

uranium prospecting kits

The "Revigitor"

reception at the ASME

visitor scientists to Oak Ridge

The "Pioneers Hall"

The ACS historic plaque

Closeup of the plaque

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