Uppsala, Sweden


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Location: Uppsala, Sweden
Elements: oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine, manganese, tantalum, helium, scandium, titanium, holmium, thulium
Scientists: Scheele, Ekeberg, Cleve, Nilson

The railway station

toward downtown

the Linnaeus museum

his memorial tablet

The famous Linnaeus garden

Mock Orange (Philadelphus sp.)

young Carl von Linné

the Celsius huset.

Anders Celsius (1701-1774)

Celsius worked and lived here.

Celsius house from the east

history of Celsius and the house

Big market square

View is northeast

history of Stora torget

dates to the 1700s

Scheele pharmacy site

Scheele did his work here

corner of Stortorget and Kungsängsgatan

department store

a common chain

Scheele worked here

a historic chemistry

Walking southeast

Stopping along Kungsängsgatan.

Apoteket Uplands Vapen.

entrance is on Bredgränd

apothecary in 2000

the huge stone plaque

was on display

the old pharmacy

painting half a century old

painting is from1946

the 2000 display

he described his discovery of oxygen

A sample of Flusspat

A sample of Brunsten

Wooden cannisters

penny of Scheele


Crucibles used by Scheele

history of the Apoteket Uplands Vapen




describes the life of Scheele




modern Uplands Vapen in 2004.

Upplands Museum remote storage

southward to the Fyrisan River.

Old Chemistry Bldg.

Laboratorium Chemicum

"great discovery was Scheele himself."

Ekeberg discovered tantalum

Department of Hydrology

Laboratorium Chemicum

Walking westward

Englenska Parken

Carl XIV Johan

At the top of the hill

older chemistry building

the Philologicum

View of Kemicentrum

extensively remodeled

front of Kemicentrum

Above the doorway

Torbern Olof Bergman

Jöns Jakob Berzelius

Carl Wilhelm Scheele

the Gustavianum

the Uppsala Cathedral

Entrance to the museum

during Scheele's time

key to previous frame

Inside the Gustavianum

Bergman's minerals

label for the flussspath

laboratory notebook

Berzelius entry

the Upplands Museet

interesting painting


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