Carl Wilhelm Scheele




He was the Swedish chemist and pharmacist who discovered oxygen (independently with Priestley), tungsten (tungstic acid), barium (baria), molybdenum (by proving it was distinct from graphite), and chlorine. The mineral scheelite (CaWO4) is named after him. In spite of his far-reaching discoveries, he was a phlogistonist to the end, and even considered his chlorine as being “dephlogisticated muriatic acid.”



  1. Photographs of Bispberg, Sweden, where molybdenum and tungsten were discovered

  2. Photographs of Göteborg, Sweden, where Scheele had his first pharmacy

  3. Photographs of Köping, Sweden, where molybdenum, tungsten and barium were discovered

  4. Photographs of Malmo, Sweden, where evidence of oxygen was first noticed

  5. Photographs of Uppsula, Sweden, where oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine and manganese were discovered

  6. Map of Malmo and Lund, Sweden

  7. Map of Malmo, Sweden

  8. "Carl Wilhelm Scheele" article in the Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma

  9. Photographs of Stockholm, Sweden

  10. Photographs of Stralsund, Germany

  11. Photographs of Paris, France 4

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