Jöns Jacob Berzelius


  He was a Professor of chemistry and medicine at the Stockholm medical school who discovered selenium and ceria, and isolated silicon, thorium, and zirconium. Berzelius accurately determined the atomic weights of elements known at that time, necessary for the development of the Periodic Table. Berzelius produced many famous scientists - Wöhler, Rose, Mosander, Sefström, and Arfwedson.  

  1. "Thorium-Lovoya, Langesundfjord, Norway" article in the Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma

  2. Photographs of the Copper mine in Falun, Sweden, where selenium and manganese were found

  3. Photographs of the area of Gripsholm, Sweden, where selenium was discovered

  4. Photographs of Linköping, Sweden, where Berzelius obtained his secondary education

  5. Photographs of the Bastnäs Mine in Riddarhyttan, Sweden, where cerium was discovered

  6. "The Road to Karlsruhe" article in the Hexagon of Alpha Chi Sigma

  7. Photographs of Vaversunda, Sweden, Berzelius' home

  8. Photographs of Stockholm, Sweden

  9. Photographs of Kongsberg, Norway

  10. Photographs of Lovoya, Norway

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