Glasgow, Scotland



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Place: Glasgow
Elements: isotopes, protactinium, strontium
Scientists: Soddy, Cranston, Hope

Joseph Black Building

Black's work in latent heat

Institute of Chemistry

Joseph Black Building

concept of isotopes

clearer image of the plaque

Dr. Joe Connally

relief devoted to Priestley

home of George Beilby

11 University Gardens.

University Avenue


George Service House

information gathering

the Main Building

to Soddy's laboratory

former Soddy laboratory

Through these windows was Soddy's laboratory

the first chemistry laboratory

torn down in the 1930s

Outside Soddy's former laboratory

the Main Building

Gilbert Scott Building

Dr. Les Hill

The doorknob

After Soddy's departure

the Bute Hall

portrait of Lord Kelvin

protrait of Joseph Black

James McGill

James Watt

James Watt's machine

the Blackstone Chair

examinations were all in Latin

the Hunterian Museum

the Lion and Unicorn staircase

previous site on High Street

the Gilmorehill campus

old photograph at the Old College

Lord Kelvin's home

Lord Kelvin was his title

Lord Kelvin’s name

"Mr. Soddy's calculating machine"


"statis machine"

in the "Museum stores"

An ionization chamber

two dozen or so items

One may take the train

Walking to the original site

original site is now vacant

area is now a parking lot

Old College in the late 1660s

a new laboratory

The Physik Garden

painting of the Old College

remains of the days of the Old College.

oldest building in the area

used as an inn for travelers.

located at the corner at High Street and Nicholas Street.

dilapidated buildings

an apartment building

plaque celebrates the Scottish poet Thomas Campbell

contemporary of Sir Walter Scott

University of Strathclyde

the corner of George Street and Montrose Street

the Royal College Building

originally Anderson's College

entrance on the north side

statue of James Watt

Dr. David W. A. Sharp

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